In the shadow of Pelor’s Shield,
a hellish beast howls its hate for all things living
as it tears a grown man limb from limb…

The scourge of the Vashnar have laid waste to the once-idyllic lands of Andelia, shattering beyond recognition four of the Seven Great Cities in their inexorable march northward. And yet, while Lar’akim languishes under Vashnar occupation and Ironwall is besieged, others remain largely untouched…

Salamae is the only remaining free city of the once-great Kingdom of Deluth. The elder races of Boreen, after withstanding an initial blighting of their southern forests, now live in relative peace. To the south, Turath was braced for war, but was surprised when the Vashnar rent asunder the city of Barokae then inexplicably marched northward again. The Rousseauian citizens of the Freedhold of Seagarden watched with dismay and distress as the Vashnar Legion devoured central Andelia.

The Legion’s progress has been halted at the fortress of Ironwall for years. Men bleed and die upon the cold lands on the edge of Everwinter in order to prevent the fiendish Black Legion of Vashnar from claiming one of the last bastions of the once-great Kingdom of Deluth.

“Advent of an Empire” is a 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons game set in the land of Andelia. It is a place of high adventure, brutal warfare, and fantastic sorcery. Danger is everywhere, from the front lines of the war between the Black Legion of Vashnar and the Army of Ironwall to cutpurses in the alleyways of Vel Turathi that would slit your throat as soon as give you directions.

In this chaotic and diverse realm, players will need to determine what role (if any) they will have in the hardships that grip the land.

Will they break the siege of Ironwall by slaying the Vashnar commander… or will they breach the gates and hand the city over to the Black Legion?

Can they reverse the blight that created the Kasheen Desert… or see to its completion, destroying the Boreen completely?

Should they unite the fractured armies of Turath under a single banner, ushering in an era of peace not seen there for hundreds of years… or play the treacherous game of politics to build their own power at the cost of others?

The game, the world, and all written materials (except where noted) have been created by Mike of the Bear Swarm! Podcast for personal use. Feedback is welcome. All maps created with ProFantasy Software’s Campaign Cartographer 3 and City Designer 3. Character portraits were cobbled together from various places around the web, mostly Deviant Art.

If I have used your artwork without consent, my deepest apologies. Feel free to contact me, and we can come to some sort of agreement.

Please have the manners to ask before you steal my stuff.

The Advent of an Empire

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