The Advent of an Empire

History In Brief

The dragonborn empire was founded and spread throughout Ambria. The Eladrin left, foreseeing a massive and world-wide conflict between the Dragonborn and the growing race of humanity. Eventually a human tribal chief named Bael Turath solidified his hold on the human tribes and moved against the Dragonborn. This marked the start of “The Dragon Wars.”

Humanity, despite its growing numbers, was no match for the empire of the Dragonborn. Desperate, Bael Turath turned to infernal sources for aid. With the help of demons and devils, the Dragonborn empire was sundered and Bael Turath was victorious. Zavora Turath, Bael’s sister, took issue with his association with demons, and sought refuge amongst the elves.

Despite his ambition, Bael Turath’s empire was not ready to assume the place of the Dragonborn empire. The resulting collapse threw most of the world into lawless chaos. Bael Turath attempted to bring as much territory as possible under his sway, and the borders of his empire began to spread.

Bael’s dealings with infernals had changed him from a charismatic warlord into a tyrannical despot – a legacy that he passed on down to his successors. The dark ages lasted for several hundred years, with each generation of the powerful families of the empire becoming more and more fiendish in appearance and mannerism. The Tieflings were born.

Once all of central Ambria – the area formerly controlled by the Dragonborn – was under Tiefling control, they began to push northward. At the Pale Forest they met their first real resistance. The elves of the Pale Forest had no intention of falling under the leash of these corrupted, demonic beings. Skirmishes and small probing battles were conducted on both sides.

The end of the Dark Ages was marked by another great conflict – the War of the Sun King. A charismatic half-elf Prince, claiming to be ordained by the Gods and a direct and untainted descendant of Bael Turath, rises up in revolt against the Tiefling overlords of Bael Turath. The resulting conflict leaves the Tiefling empire shattered, and the Kingdom of the Sun takes root. The remainder of the Tiefling forces flee south, to an island called Valhedar.

The Sun Kings rule Ambria for several hundred years during a golden age of general peace and prosperity. Great cities are founded, and there are few wars. The eladrin return during this time and begin to spread slowly across the continent once more, constructing a wondrous city in the Sildanyr.

The Tieflings return, now calling themselves the Valhedar Dominion. Their bond with their demonic forebears has been reforged, and literal demons fight between the swollen ranks of their black-armored legionnaires. They sweep across the continent like wildfire. The Kingdom of the Sun is shattered. The Sun King himself is slain, though the royal family escapes.

The Valhedar solidfy their control over central and southern Ambria, not venturing far enough north to incur the wrath of the elves (beyond what they’ve already earned). The great cities of the Sun Kingdom are mostly sacked—only 3 remain habitable.


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