Voice of Corellon



Relative Name Age Occupation
Father Ailon 124 City Gaurd
Mother Kaiosa 87 City Gaurd
Brother Realn 53 Merchant
Sister Vriella 29 City Gaurd

Birth Name: Siardwin
Born on the Fourteenth year anniversary of the forest blight. Was thought to be a bad Omen. Bad luck constantly followed him and anyone around him. His Father insisted on sending him to the Lunar Cathedral in Vardingard to wash his “sins” away. This was against his mothers Wishes. He left at the age of 7 with a caravan traveling to Vardengard. His brother, Realn, accompanied the travel. The caravan was attacked and viciously killed by a large beast. Siardwin survived but was the only one. After watching his brother die, Sairdwin went mute. He traveled another two days and made it to town. He got ther in shambles. He hadn’t eaten since that day and his clothes were still covered in blood. Nearly collapsing as he enters the city, Aust, takes him to the Cathedral where they begin to take care of him. Since the boy wouldn’t speak a word Aust gave him the name Quinn.
He was named after Tiall Quinn a giant that long ago lived in the forest as an outsider. Tiall was known for his wisdom and charisma. It is said that he even talked down a rampaging beast from destroying a village.
Aust name him this in hoped that if the boy would speak again his words would be inspiring and wise.


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